Wherever possible our food is locally sourced, but always freshly prepared to order. This means that at busy times it may take just that little bit longer. We believe it is worth waiting for.


Our meat is supplied by Dawson’s Butchers in Boston. This ensures consistent quality and perfect freshness. The beef comes from Providence Farm, New York where it is fed on grass and cereal.  The cattle are a mixture of British Blue and Blonde Acquitane. It is then hung for a minimum of 21 days, but usually 28 or more.

Rump, Sirloin or Fillet?  Rump comes from the tail end of the beast. It is best served medium, or medium-well although the quality of the steaks does mean medium rare is still fantastic. It is not suitable for rare or blue cooking.  The Sirloin is more towards the middle of the beast, is more tender, and more marbled with fat which gives it its flavour.  Like Rump it benefits from slightly longer cooking, but once again, medium rare is still delightful. The Fillet sits nicely inside the Sirloin and is a part of the beast that does little work, so is the most tender, perfect for blue and rare steaks. Cooking a fillet any more than medium is not recommended.


All our steaks are seasoned before cooking, then rubbed with oil. After cooking they are left to rest for several minutes to reabsorb the juices and all that lovely flavour.

Onion Rings

Our onions are locally sourced. After being cut they are dipped in our light tempura-style batter made with Batemans XB Beer.


Our triple cooked chips are first par boiled, left to cool in the fridge then deep fried at 130*, frozen and finally deep fried at 180* before serving.  We use locally sourced Maris Piper from Freiston Farms , and even in our small kitchen get through  on average, 25kg per week!

Our Steak Cooking Guide

Blue – seared on all sides only. The edge will be fully coloured but the inside will be cold and uncooked.

Rare – Very juicy with a red centre and red juices

Medium Rare – Pink meat with a red line through the centre; juices will be just slightly darker

Medium – Cooked through, meat is light grey internally with a pink middle and darker juices

Medium /well – Meat is cooked through so light grey with no pink middle and dark juices

Well done – our steaks do not benefit from being cooked to this stage